“No matter how good you think you are, no matter how prepared you are, you need a coach. Every world class athlete has a coach. Federer and Spieth are not above asking for assistance to be better at what they do. CEO’s are no different. It is a lonely tough job. Think of John’s book as a personal coach. Embrace it!” Startup founder and CEO

“Being a client of John Decker for a number of years, I find his advice to be spot on.  Not doing what he recommends is like buying a dog and then barking yourself.” Company chairman

“I have worked with and advised a large number of CEOs and boards of major American corporations.  I believe this book captures the skills these top performing CEOs actually demonstrate and provides a clear roadmap for building them on the way to the top.”  Company CEO, Former Vice Chairman, Major consulting firm

“This is an important read for any future or newly appointed CEO who wishes to benefit from the author’s years of coaching and counseling CEO’s. The book provides a clear picture of the many challenges a CEO faces in today’s business environment and offers relevant, cogent advice on how to make tenure at the top a success.” Former corporate president and chairman

“John Decker’s insights are an express elevator to the top, for aspiring CEO’s” Executive Chairman

“I have been using the concepts presented in this book to successfully accelerate the careers of high potential individuals.  This is an important and very insightful book, and one you can personally use to accelerate your own development.  It should be required reading for anyone planning their professional business career.”  Business Unit President, Fidelity Investments